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Thanks for visiting my website.  Restless Spirit Investigations is a serious group which investigates the paranormal with professional results.  We have investigated several places and have come away with positive evp's and many photographs of spirits which occupied those residences.  We use several techniques that really seem to entice the spirits.  I hope you enjoy this website and thank you again for taking the time to view it.  If you need any investigation done, please see the contact section and send me an email.

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We are still actively investigating.  We have become full-time RVer's and will be traveling around the country.  So let us know where you are and I will get back and let you know when we will or could be in your area.  Thanks so much!

While viewing the photographs, please try to zoom in if possible.  Double click on the photos and they will enlarge.  Also, when accessing the evidence below, just click on the title and it will open that particular section.  Use external speakers and it will sound better.


Bird Cage Theater

This place is awesome!  Every person interested in the paranormal should come here.  These pics here are just by doing a self guided tour.  It has so many things to talk about, the hearse that carried all but three people from Tombstone to Boot Hill or the "cages" where the girls...

Bird Cage Theater

Face is blown up. 

Bird Cage Theater

blown up more. 

Bird Cage Theater

I drew what I see.  What do you think?This was Wyatt Earps favorite "cage".  It looked right on the stage.  I saw a photo of Wyatt Earp and this is close.

EVP's from Readfield Historical Society

can you tell me what year it is....1884.mp3 (36,3 kB) 2nd X first floor...is there anyone that wants to talk....talk to them.mp3 (19,6 kB) 2nd X first floor...ghosts.mp3 (22 kB) 2nd X first floor...Josh are you here stil...yeah Im here.mp3 (67,8 kB) 2nd X first floor....Look at them.mp3 (29,4...

Lewiston Home

are you a boy....yep.mp3 (39,2 kB) are you a christian....yes.mp3 (85,3 kB) are you a young boy....yes.mp3 (55,1 kB) are you afraid to go into the light...timid.mp3 (62,4 kB) are you just waiting here...yes...waiting.mp3 (71,4 kB) are you standing right near us....yeah.mp3 (71,8 kB) asked to stop...

Auburn Public Library

are you a young boy...yeah.mp3 (65,8 kB) are you coming closer to us now....close.mp3 (71,1 kB) are you confused...yep..no...hurting...cut.mp3 (153,9 kB) are you from 1890's...yes.mp3 (95,1 kB) bitch.mp3 (23,3 kB) bye.mp3 (19,6 kB) can you tell us what your name is...Mark.mp3 (85,3...

Cumston Hall, Monmouth, ME

after I saw someone walk by window.....breath.mp3 (52,7 kB) can you make rocking chair rock back and forth...hard...no sir.mp3 (138 kB) Chris Warner.mp3 (26,1 kB) daddy that's too close.mp3 (34,7 kB) Mr Cochran are you here...yes.mp3 (89 kB) ouch.mp3 (28,2 kB) second hi.mp3 (24,5...

Greene home

after lighting the flashlight good job....thanks.mp3 (60,4 kB) are you buried in the back of the cemetary or the front.....front.mp3 (90,7 kB) are you buried in the woods...yeah.mp3 (83,7 kB) are you buried on this property...yessum.mp3 (63,3 kB) are you buried out back....woods.mp3 (20...
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mill agent house 1847 video and audio.wmv

Mill Agent House 1847 pictorial.wmv

Thanks for taking the time to view these.  Hopefully their will be more with new investigations.


Mill Agent House 1847

07/09/2011 00:00
We investigated the Mill Agent House two times with great results.  The children cooperated with us and answered many questions that we asked.  Some were unexpected, but I think the kids wanted to talk.  The Captain was very good to us also.  He spoke to us many times and...
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