Apartment in Lewiston

04/06/2012 20:00

Received a call from a client stating that his apartment had ghosts.  His young 4 yr old boy stated that he sees a man in his bedroom.  The spirit tells the young child that he is "bad."  On April 6, myself and my brother Mike did an investigation.  The apartment was small so there was no need for other investigators.  Upon starting our investigation, Mike took two photos then his camera battery died.  He stated he just charged his camera.  We spent about 1 and half hours in this apartment and mostly focused on the young boys bedroom.  Our EMF meters registered a few spikes and Mike used his dowsing rods and they kept pointing to the same place by the windows.  With the recorder running we asked many questions.  Upon review of the recorder, there were many responses.  Also, the photos taken showed orbs in the hallway and the young boys bedroom. 

There is no history on this building except that it was built in 1925.