Home in Cushing, ME

04/19/2012 20:00

Received a call that spirits were seen and felt at this Cushing home residence.  The preliminary meeting with the residents disclosed that while sitting watching tv, they saw a man from his torso up walk from one room to another.  Also, the residents hear voices and feel touches from someone who is not there.  Our investigation was only about 2 hours long and we received many photos of orbs (especially in the living room) and many evp's throughout the home.  There seemed to be one bad spirit who did not like us.  We had a spirit box and when you touch it the light will go on.  The spirits were asked to do this and the bad one said, "F.... that".  He also stated that he was the power here.  On the reveal with the residents of the home, they did not know any of the names that were recorded on evp's.  The entire household were given black oynax and two had changed colors with white streaks and white specks in them.  When asked how many entities were in the home, the answer was 8.