Home in Lewiston

02/01/2013 22:00

In this home, apparitions, voices and noises were claimed by the home owner.  Our investigation began in the livingroom using the ghost box and a meter with lights.  When we asked questions the meter would light up everytime.  Come to find out through the EVP's collected, it was a 9 yr old boy talking to us.  The master bedroom gave us some EVP's also.  The owners girlfriend says she sees a man standing by her bed.  In the cellar, the owner says is the weirdest for him.  While doing our investigation, it felt like someone was standing next to you.  Alot of EVP's were recorded.  At the end of the investigation, while wrapping up the video cables in the cellar, I heard some noise in the corner of the cellar.  Just thinking it was a mouse I let it pass.  Then it happened again.  I kept wrapping the video cable, then all the sudden all the hairs on my arm stood up!  It felt like someone was standing right beside me, because the temperature had dropped.  Up the stairs I went....

It was a good investigation, and I think the owner was pleased to know he was not hearing and seeing things.