Old American Mill, Vassalboro, Maine

11/04/2011 00:00

This was our second visit to the Old American MIll.  The night started off with warm tempertures then around midnight the temperture dropped to 28 degrees.  We visited the office area 2 times and spoke mainly with a man named Ted.  He stated that he worked there for 34 years.  Other spirits also talked to us at this time.  We went also to the second mill (original) and received many evp's there. 

During the investigation, we set up a camcorder, laser light grid, and a security camera on the 2nd floor of the larger part of the mill.  The laser lasted only for a short while because the batteries were dead after only a short period of time.  The camcorder was touched and the focus was in and out for a bit.  Many times the camcorder picked up the sound of footsteps and slamming doors.  The security camera picked up a shadow that seemed to be looking right at the camera. 

Since it was getting to the point of being to cold, we stopped the investigation and will hopefully come back to the mill in the spring.